Gig Dates




Tue 31st December  -  NYE at The Wellington Arms

Sat 21st December  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Fri 13th December  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 25th October  -  Spooks & Sparks, Ilfracombe

Sat 19th October  -  Looe Legends of Rock

Fri 18th October  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sun 6th October  -  Freshwater Beach Rock Festival, Dorset

Sat 5th October  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Sat 14th September  -  The Park, Exmouth

Sat 7th September  -  Private Party, Sidmouth

Thurs 1st August  -  LIve Busking, Blackpool

Wed 31st July  -  Galleon Bar, Blackpool (Rebellion fringe)

Sat 27th July  -  The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe

Sat 29th June  -  Hele Bay Pub, Ilfracombe

Sat 8th June  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 8th June   -   Woolsach Social Club, Woolsery (Postponed)

Sat 8th June  -  Grit & Gratitude Festival (2.30pm) Kingsteignton

Sat 11th May  -  Ebberly Arms, Barnstaple

Fri 10th May  -  Private Party, The Welly, Ilfracombe

Fri 19th April  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 13th April  -  The Castle, Combe Martin

Sat 6th April  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe Holiday Park

Sat 16th March  -  Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe (Paddys night)

Sat 2nd March  -  White Horse, Tiverton

Sat 10th February  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 3rd February  -  The Park, Exmouth




Sun 31st December  -  The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe NYE !

Sun 24th December  -  Snug & Hyde, Ilfracombe

Sat 16th December  -  The Park, Exmouth

Fri 15th December  -  Private Party, Plymouth

Sat 2nd December  -  Castle Inn, Combe Martin

Sun 5th November  -  Freshwater Beach Rock Festival(Canc)

Sat 4th November  -  Sax on the Beach, ILfracombe

Fri 27th October  -  Spooks and Sparks, Ilfracombe Rugby Club

Fri 29th September  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 23rd September  -  The Park, Exmouth

Sun 27th August  -  Ilfracombe Carnival

Sat 26th August  -  The Waterfront, Westward Ho !

Sat 11th August  -  Dexters, Bideford

4th / 5th August  -  Rebellious Busking, Blackpool

2nd August  - Galleon Bar, Blackpool

Sat 21st July  -  Palladium Club, Bideford (Jess 21)

Sat 15th July  -  Private Party, Bristol

Sat 1st July  -  Festival, Blackmoor Gate

Sat 17th June  -  The Ebberley, Barnstaple

Fri 9th June  -  Dexters, Bideford (Cancelled)

Sat 20th May  -   The Anchor, Hartland (Cancelled)

Sat 29th April  -  Chopper Club, Combe Martin

Sun 9thApril  -  The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe (Easter Sunday)

Sun 12th March  -  Freshwater Beach Rockfest, Bridport

Sat 4th March  -  Blacksmiths, Bideford

Sat 18th February  -  The Ebberley, Barnstaple

Fri 10th February  -  The Bush Inn, Morwenstowe

Thurs 9th February  -  The Fleece, Bristol (Punk night)

Sat 21st January  -  The Joiners, Bideford





Sat 31st December  -  NEW YEAR, Wellington Arms (w Good Times)

Sat 26th November  -   Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Fri 25th November  -  Snug & Hyde, Ilfacombe 

Sat 5th November  -  Palladium Club, Bideford (w SINFUL MAGGIE)

Sat 5th November  -  Legends of Rock Festival, Ilfracombe (2.40pm)

Sun 30th October  -  Ilfracombe Holiday Park (Halloween)

Sat 22nd October  -  Cobweb Inn, Boscastle (CANCELLED)

Sat 15th October  -  The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe

Sat 15th October  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth (CANCELLED)

Fri 7th October  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sun 28th August  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple (POSTPONED)

Sun 28th August  -  Ilfracombe Carnival 

Sun 21st August  -  Private Party, First in Last Out, Bideford

Fri 12th August  -  Joiners Arms, Bideford

5th / 6th August  -  Rebellion oPEN mIC and Busking,Blackpool

Sat 23rd July  -  The Great Cullompton Festival (POSTPONED)

Fri 22nd July  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe

Thurs 21st July  -  Snug & Hyde, Ilfracombe

Sat 9th July  -  Old Pier Tavern, Burnham-on-Sea

Sat 9th July  -  RIMPFEST, Yeovil (4.30pm) (CANCELLED)

Sat 2nd July  -  Portsmouth Arms, Umberleigh

Fri 1st July  -  Private Party (Barge, River Torridge, Bideford !)

Mon 27th June  -  Private Party, Watermouth Cove (CANCELLED)

Sat 18th June  -  Wedding, Ilfracombe

Sat 11th June  -  Shooters Bar, Dawlish

Fri 10th June  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Thurs 2nd June  -  Waterfront Inn, Westward Ho !

Sat 28th May  -  Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

Fri 12th May  -  Ilfracombe Holiday Park

Thurs 14th April   -   The Snug & Hyde, Ilfracombe

Sat 9th April  -  Smugglers Rampage (Bike) Rally, Ilf Hol Park (CANC)

Fri 8th April  -  The Joiners,Bideford (CANC)

Sat 2nd April  -  The Castle,Combe Martin

Fri 18th March  -  GLT, Barnstaple (support to RISKEE)

Sat 26th February  -  The Joiners, Bideford 

Sat 12th February  -  The Sandpiper, Ilfracombe

Sat 5th February  -  Appledore Social Club

Sat 29th January  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Wed 26th January  -  The Fleece, Bristol





Sat 11th December   -  The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe

Fri 26th November  -  St Peters Church, Ilfracombe

Sun 7th November  -  Ilfracombe Hol Pk (Legends of Rock)

Sat 6th November  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 5th November  -  Palladium, Bideford (support to Millie Manders)

Sun 31st October  -  Ilfracombe Holiday Park (Halloween !)

Sat 23rd October  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Fri 15th October  -   Palladium Club, Bideford

Fri 24th September  -  Dashwood Roadhouse, High Wycombe.

Sat 18th September  -  The Odd Wheel, Wembury

Sat 4th September  -  Appledore Social Club

Fri 3rd September  -  Hard Drive Festival, The Vic, Coalville

Fri 27th August   -  Private Party, Bodmin

Sat 7th August  -  Cider Festival, The Big Sheep (Wurzels !)

Sat 12th June  -  Ilfracombe Holiday Park

Sun 6th June  -  D Day Bandstand Busking. Ilfracombe (2-4pm)

Sun 30th May  -  Kingsley Inn, Northam (4pm)

Sat 22nd May  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe (Round Table)




Thurs 31st January  -  Rooftop Live gig, Ilfracombe

Sat 26th December  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe (Boxing Day) (CANC)

Wed 23rd December  - Christmas Cracker at Ilfracombe Town FC

Fri 11th December  -  The Joiners, Bideford (CANC)

Sat 21st November  -  Cobweb Inn, Boscastle (CANC)

Sat 31st October  -  Halloween Horror at The Kingsley Arms (CANC)

Fri 30th October  -  Halloween Horror, Ilfracombe Town FC

Sat 17th October  -  The Joiners, Bideford (CANC)

Sat 10th October  -  MIND Charity Gig, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Fri 2nd October  -  The Park, Exmouth (CANC)

Sun 27th September  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Sat 19th September  -  Private Party, Abbotsham (POST)

Fri 18th September  -  HARD DRIVE FESTIVAL, The Vic, Coalville (POST)

Mon 31st August  -  Landmark Beer and Music Festival (CANC)

Sun 30th August  -  Alternative Aycliffe Punk all Dayer, Co. Durham (POST)

Sat 22nd August  -  Ebberley Inn, Barnstaple (CANC)

Sat 15th August  -  Rock the Ghosties Festival, Exmoor (POST)

Sat 1st August  -  Birdman Festival, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Sat 25th July  -  Kingsley Inn, Northam (CANC)

Sat 18th July  -  Cobweb Inn, Boscastle (CANC)

Fri 17th July  -  The Park, Exmouth (CANC)

Sat 11th July  -  Hellcat Run Festival, Torrington  (POSTPONED)

Sat 4th July  -  Littlebridgestock Festival, Exmoor (CANC)

Thurs 2nd July  -  Live / Livestream, Covid Lockdown, Ilfracombe

Fri 26th June  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe (CANC)

Sat 20th June  -  Wedding, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Fri 19th June  -  Livestream gig and fundraiser, Ilfracombe 

Sat 6th June  -  Fundraiser, Woolacombe (CANC)

Sat 30th May  -  Laceys, Bideford  (CANC)

Sat 23rd May  -  The Sand of Music Festival, Westward Ho! (CANC)

Fri 22nd May  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe (POSTPONED)

Sat 9th May  -  Laceys Ale & Cider House, Bideford (CANC)

Fri 8th May  -  Alternative Aycliffe Punk all Dayer, Durham (POSTP)

Thur 7th May  -  The King Billy, Northampton (CANC)

Sat 18th April  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Fri 10th April  -  The Park, Exmouth  (CANC)

Sat 4th April  -  The George Hotel, Aberbargoed, Wales (POSTP)

Fri 3rd April  -  The Joiners, Bideford  (CANC)

Fri 27th March  -  Karl Kiff Memorial, The Pier, Ilfracombe (CANC)

Sat 14th March  -  15th Anniversary Gig ! Blue Lotus, Ilfracombe

Sat 22nd February  -  The Junction, Plymouth

Sat 8th February  -  Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

Wed 22nd January  -  The Fleece, Bristol




Tue 31st December  -  New Year at The Kingsley Inn, Northam

Fri 6th December  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 9th November  -  Private wedding function

Sat 2nd November  -  The Kingsley Inn, Northam

Fri 18th October  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 12th October  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 28th September  -  Laceys, Bideford

Sun 22nd Sept  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe (1.30pm)

Thurs 5th September  -  Plymouth Punx Picnic

Sat 31st August  -  The Cobweb Inn, Boscastle

Sun 25th August  -  The Sand of Music Festival, Westward Ho !

Fri 23rd August  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 17th August  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Fri 16th August  -  Palladium Club (support to Soap Girls)

Sat 10th August  -  Laceys Ale & Cider House, Bideford

Sat 20th July  -  Private Party, Hayle, Cornwall

Fri 19th July  -  The Fairway Buoy, Westward Ho !

Thur 18th July  -  The Nowhere Inn, Plymouth

Sat 13th July  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe

Fri 12th July  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 6th July  -  Littlebridgstock, Blackmoor Gate

Sat 1st June  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth 

Sat 25th May  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 24th May  -  The Fox, Fremington

Sat 18th May  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe

Sat 20th April  -  Robins's Nest, Bideford FC

Fri 19th April  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe (Good Friday)

Sat 13th April  -  Three Horseshoes, Dinas Powys

Thu 11th April  -  Palladium Club (Support to Subhumans)

Sat 23rd March  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Thu 21st March  -  The Nowhere Inn, Plymouth

Sat 16th March  -  Last in First Out, Bideford

Sat 9th March  -  The Great British Alt Music Fest, Butlins, Minehead

Sat 2nd March  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilracombe (LP launch)

Sat 23rd February  -  The London Inn, Braunton

Sat 26th January  -  The Kingsley Inn, Northam

Fri 25th January  -  The Joiners, Bideford



Mon 31st December  -  New Year at the Pier Tavern

Fri 21st December  -  The Fairway Buoy, Westward Ho !

Sat 15th December  -  The Bush Inn, Morwenstowe

Sat 8th December  -  Digz, Ilfracombe (With Sykko Dolls)

Fri 23rd November  - The Bunch of G's (Lighting the Lights), Ilf.

Sat 10th November  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Thurs 8th November  -  The Palladium (Support to the Soap Girls)

Sat 27th October  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Fri 26th October  -  The Factory, Petroc

Sat 20th October  -  Gatestock, The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 13th October  -  Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Sat 6th October  -  Private function  EX37 (postponed)

Sat 29th September  - The Wellington Arms, Ilfracombe

Sat 22nd September  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Fri 21st September  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Sat 15th September  -  Torrington Arts & Music Festival

Fri 7th September  -  Private Party, The Second Stage (cancelled)

Sat 1st September  -  Bideford Pride Festival

Fri 31st August  -  The Ancient Mariner, Lynmouth

Sun 26th August  -  The Ebberley Arms, Barnstaple

Sat 25th August   -   The Kingsley Inn, Northam

Fri 24th August  -  The Bush Inn, Morwenstowe 

Wed 8th August  -  The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

Fri 27th July  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 21st July  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Sat 7th July   -   Littlebridgestock, Devon

Sat 16th June  -   The Palladium, Bideford (with Harry Munk)

Fri 15th June   -  Parish Church, Ilfracombe (The Lord's Prayer)

Sat 9th June  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Wed 6th June  -  The Pier (support to The Soap Girls)

Sat 26th May  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 19th May   -   The Ancient Mariner, Lynmouth (Royal Wedding)

Sun 13th May  -  PIGSTOCK  Festival, Acoustic. 

Sat 12th May  -  The Park Hotel, Exmouth

Sun 6th May  -  Ilfracombe Rugby Club "Goonies"

Fri 20th April  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 30th March  -  The Pier, Ilfracombe

Sat 10th March  -  Second Stage, Ilfracombe

Sat 17th February  -  Private Party, Sampford Peverell

Fri 19th January  -  The Joiners, Bideford




31st December / 1st Jan -  The Pier Tavern, Ilfracombe

Fri 29th December  -  Park Hotel, Exmouth

Fri 1st December  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 24th November  -  The Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Sat 18th November  -  Ilfracombe Punk Festival

Sun 5th November  -  Ilfracombe Rocks Festival

Sat 28th October  -  The  Pier Tavern, Ilfracombe

Fri 27th October  -  Ilfracombe Rugby Club, Spooks & Sparks

Fri 6th October  -  Private Party

Fri 29th September  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Sat 23rd September  -  The Palladium, Bideford

Sat 15th September  -  Stowford Meadows

Fri 1st September  -  Fairway Buoy, Westward Ho!

Sun 27th August  -  Ilfracombe Carnival

Sat 26th August  -  Teapfest, GLT's, Barnstaple

Fri  25th August  -  Landmark Beer & Music Festival

Sat 12th August  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Fri 11th August  -  The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

Tues 8th August  -  Private (50th) Party, Combe Martin

Fri 28th July  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 22nd July  -  One Bideford Pride Festival

Sat 24th June  -  Little Bridgestock Festival

Fri 23rd June  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 16th June  -  Dub Fest, Ilfracombe Hol Park, Ilfracombe

Sun 11th June  -  80's weekender, Ilfracombe Holiday Park (2pm)

Sat 10th June  -  Private (wedding) Party, Combe Martin

Fri 26th May  -  Beer & Gin Festival, Ilfracombe Rugby Club

Fri 19th May  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Fri 5th May  -  The Chill Bar

Sat 8th April  -  The Aggi, Braunton (JT's 10th Anniversary)

Fri 7th April  -  The Chill Bar (with TV Smith !)

Fri 31st March  -  The Palladium, Bideford

Fri 17th March  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe (St Paddys night) !

Sat 25th February  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe

Sat 18th February  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Sat 28th January  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Fri 20th January  -  The Palladium (with Landspeeder)





Saturday 31st December  -  The Pier Tavern, Ilfracombe

Friday 23rd December  -  The Lamb, Ilfracombe (Factory Friday)

Saturday 26th November  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 19th November  -  Private (50th) party, Cornwall

Saturday 5th November  - Ilfracombe Rocks 2016

Saturday 29th October  -  Halloween Special, The Chill Bar.

Friday 28th October - Spooks And Sparks, Ilfracombe Rugby Club

Friday 16th September  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe

Sunday 4th September  -  Leigh Wigg Memorial, Chill Bar

Saturday 3rd September  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Friday 2nd September  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 27th August  -  Sunwest Festival, Ilfracombe

Friday 26th August  -  Teapfest, GLT'S, Barnstaple

Friday 19th August  -  Chill Bar (ND Hospice Event)

Friday 12th August  -  The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

Saturday 30th July  - Southwest Birdman Festival, Ilfracombe

Saturday 23rd July  -  North Devon Arena

Friday 22nd July  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 16th July  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Friday 1st July  -  Lilicos, Barnstaple

Saturday 25th June  -  Calvertstock Festival

Saturday 18th June  -  Private Party, Combe Martin

Saturday 4th June  -  The Anchor, Horwood, Bristol

Saturday 28th May  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Friday 13th May  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Sunday 1st May  -  ND100 Event, Combe Martin

Friday 29th April  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 23rd April  -  Bojollys Bar, Rugeley, Staffs

Saturday 9th April  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Saturday 2nd April  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Friday 4th March  -  North Devon Arena

Saturday 27th February  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Friday 19th February  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 13th February  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 6th February  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe

Saturday 23rd Jan  -  The Palladium, Bideford (Supporting The Fallen State)

Saturday 16th January  -  The Joiners, Bideford



New Years Eve / Morn  -  The Pier Tavern, Ilfracombe

Saturday 19th December  -  Crimbo Special  -  The Chill Bar

,Saturday 12th December  -  Private Christmas Party

Saturday 5th December  -  The George & Dragon, Combe Martin

Friday 4th December  -  The Regal, Ripley (Support to Ten Pole Tudor)

Friday 20th November  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 14th November  -  The Bunch, Ilf (Support to The Fallen State)

Sunday 8th November  -  Ilfracombe Rocks, John Fowlers Holiday Parc

Saturday 31st October  -  The Joiners, Bideford  (Halloween)

Friday 30th October  -  Bonfire Night at Ilfracombe Rugby Club

Friday 23rd October  -  Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Saturday 10th October  -  Private Party, Combe Martin

Friday 2nd October  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 26th September  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Friday 11th September  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 29th August  -  SUNWEST FESTIVAL, Ilfracombe (16.30)

Thursday 27th August  -  Bunch of Grapes (Ilfracombe Carnival) 8pm

Saturday 22nd August  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Saturday 15th August  -  The Joiners, Bideford

Saturday 1st August  -  Birdman Festival, Ilfracombe

Friday 31st July  -  Infinity (ND Arena) Charity gig

Friday 17th July  -  The Lamb, Ilfracombe

Saturday 11th July  -  Private Party, Combe Martin

Friday 3rd July  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 20th June  -  Calverstock Festival

Saturday 13th June  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 6th June  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Saturday 23rd May  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford

Friday 15th May  -  Pier Tavern, Ilf (Support to The Fallen State)

Saturday 9th May  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Friday 8th May  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe

Saturday 2nd May  -  Landmark Beer Festival, Ilfracombe

Friday 1st May  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe

Saturday 25th April  -  The Beaver Inn, Appledore

Friday 10th April  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

(Good) Friday 3rd April  -  10th anniversary gig !  The Lamb, Ilfracombe

Thursday 26th March  -  Interview with The Voice FM

Saturday 14th March  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Friday 13th March  -  West Down Parish Hall

Saturday 7th March  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford

Friday 20th February  -  Private 18th party, Ilfracombe

Friday 13th February  -  The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Saturday 7th February  -  The "Mayors" 50th, The Lamb, Ilfracombe




NEW YEARS EVE / MORNING  -  The Pier Tavern, Ilfracombe

Saturday 27th December  -  Private Wedding Party, Bideford

Saturday 20th December   -  Christmas gig ! Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Saturday 13th December  -  Golden Lion Tap, Barnstaple

Friday 28th November  -  The Red Barn, Woolacombe

Saturday 22nd November  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Saturday 15th November  -  The George, Braunton

Saturday 8th November  -  Private Party (Noel's big two one !)

Friday 7th November  -  Olive Branch, Barnstaple

Friday 31st October  -  Halloween Special at The Chill Bar...

Saturday 18th October  -  Joiners Arms, Bideford

Saturday 11th October  -  Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

Friday 3rd October  -  "Help for Heroes" The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Saturday 27th September  -  The Village Inn, Lynmouth

Friday 26th September  -  The Palladium, Bideford

Friday 19th September   -  Private Party, Combe Martin

Friday 12th September  -  Heddon Valley Beer & Music Festival

Friday 5th September  -  NSW 2014, Winchester

Saturday 30th August  -  Northern Joy Fest 

Monday 25th August  -  The Landmark Beer Festival / Sunwest

Sunday 24th August  -  The Cross, Copplestone, Devon

Saturday 16th August  -  Braunton Cricket Club

Friday 15th August  -  The Castle Inn, Combe Martin

2nd August  -  Ship & Pilot, Ilfracombe

27th July  -  Southwest Birdman

26th July  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford

18th July  -  Lillicos, Barnstaple

12th July  -  The Cross, Copplestone, Devon

28th June  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

22nd June  -  West Down School

21st June  -  Calvertstock Festival

14th June  -  Hatts Bar, Exeter 

24th May  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

10th May  -  Larkstone Cafe (June Booth Fundraiser)

4th May  -  Combe Martin Football Club

18th April  -  "Good Friday" Ship n Pilot, Ilfracombe

29th March  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe (cancelled)

28th February  -  "Rockin for the Roof" St Peter's Church, Ilfracombe




20 December  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

6 December  -  Michelle's 40th ! Private Party, Ilfracombe

30 November  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford

15 November  -  Maribel's 40th !  Private Party, Ilfracombe

11 October  -  The Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

22 September  - Combe Martin Music Festival 

15 September  -  RT National Sporting Weekend, Ilfracombe

7th September  -  The Live Lounge, Ilfracombe

30th August  -  The Sandpiper Inn, Ilfracombe

17th August  -  Palladium Club, Bideford

22nd June  -  CALVERTSTOCK 2013, Barbrook

9th June  -  BEGGARS FEST, (Barbrook)

25th May  -  Private Party, Ilfracombe

11th May  -  Buddys Live Lounge  -  fundraiser

4th or 5th May  -  Landmark Beer Festival, Ilfracombe 

19th April  -  The live Lounge, Ilfracombe

13th April  -   Kameleon Bar, Weston Super Mare

6th April  -     Beggars Roost, Barbrook

16th March  -  Con-Fest, Ilfracombe (Fundraiser)

15th March  -  The Palladium, Bideford (Support to The Vibrators)

31st January  -  The Pier Tavern, Burnham on Sea

26th January  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford





21st December - The Sandpiper Inn, Ilfracombe

15th December - Private Party, Ilfracombe 

10th November - The Joiners Arms, Bideford

9th November - The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

31st October  -  Halloween Party - Gazpacho, Ilfracombe (cancelled)

27th October - North Devon Final Fling, Woolacombe

19th October - Woolacombe Parish Hall - Charity Event

28th September  -  The Live Lounge, Ilfracombe

15th September - The Joiners Arms, Bideford

1st September  -  The Lamb, High Street, Ilfracombe (CANCELLED)

31st August - The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

26th August  -  Fox & Hounds, Fremington

25th August  - Party in the Pub, The Patriot, Crumlin, Wales

23rd August  -  Ilfracombe Carnival (Reevsey's balcony !)

3rd August  -  The Live Lounge at Buddys, Ilfracombe

29th July  -  BIRDMAN 2012 !  Ilfracombe Pier

28th July  -  Beggars Roost, Barbrook

21st July  -  Combe Martin Football Club (Carnival)(event cancelled)

14th July  -  The Black Horse, Longbrooke Street, EXETER (Postponed)

7th July  -  The Joiners Arms, Bideford

6th July - The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

16th June  - The Lamb, Ilfracombe

9th June  -  LLAMA - Lynton / Barbrook - Beggars Roost (afternoon)

2nd June  -  bEGGARS rOOST 9PM (what's this Jubilee?)

25th May  -  The Live Lounge, Ilfracombe

21st May  -  Ilfracombe Rugby Club OLYMPIC TORCH gig

12th May - Joiners Arms, Bideford

11th May - The Olive Branch, Barnstaple

6th May  -  LANDMARK BEER FESTIVAL, Ilfracombe (3pm)

5th May  -  Beggars Roost, Barbrook

4th May - The Beau Nash, Bath

28th April  -  Mouse's 30th birthday party at IRC

21st April  -  Guest appearance at the Duke's wedding !

13th April - The Olive Branch, Barnstaple.

6th April - Easter madness at the LAMB  Ilfracombe

17th March - The Joiners Arms, Bideford

16th March - The Patriot, Crumlin, S. Wales

3rd March - Private Party -  Stuey's 50th ! The Lamb

24th February - Famous Old Barrel, Exmouth (CANCELLED)

11th February - Tiverton Inn, South Molton

10th February - Apple and Parrot, Taunton

21st January - Steve's farewell, the BOG




17th December - The Nightmare before Christmas at the Bunch

18th November - The Sandpiper (Children in Need), Ilfracombe

29th October - Halloween Horror punk at the Bunch, Ilfracombe

21st October - North Devon Final Fling VW Festival

21st August - Gig, The Aggi Braunton

19th August - Private Party

13th August - Bunch of Grapes, Ilfracombe

31st July - Duchball after event Party

31st July - Birdman Festival

23rd July - Gazpacho, Seafront, Ilfracombe

17th June - Sawmill Real Ale Festival, Berrynarbor

27th May - Private Party - Chairman's BBQ, Ilfracombe Round Table

30th April - Bideford Real Ale Festival

24th April - The Boathouse

15th April - The Crown, Lynton


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